iPhone 6G Refurbished Displays – Our Quality Standards

By now you may have experienced that many different qualities of iPhone 6G displays are available on todays repair market. The most common quality displays are Copy, High Copy, Refurbished and OEM Original quality displays. Since hundreds of different factories produce screens within these quality categories, the result is that each category has many variations of quality.

As there are so many types of quality it’s most likely very difficult to find the right displays for your company. We spent over 6 months and many visits to China, to find the right factory to cooperate with. Together with this factory, we decided how our displays should be produced. In this post I will tell you more about our quality standards.

Product information
Quality standard First Grade Refurbished
LCD Original
LCD Quality No spots or dead pixels. As bright as the new ones.

Small parts

As you can see, we make sure that all small parts, so the Camera Holder, Ear Mesh and Proximity Sensor are in the right position.

Anti static sticker

This is a very important feature on our iPhone screens. As you might have noticed, all original screens are equiped with an anti static sticker. This material ensures that the static energy that a person carries will not effect the touch function of the screen. It also prevents the LCD from breaking down and showing the infamous “green lines” in the LCD panel. As this material is very expensive, most factories don’t add this sticker to the assemblies.

Back plate

All our screens come with a backplate. This prevents the screen from getting damaged during transport or usage and it makes it easier to screw it on the device. The back plates of our displays are the best quality and are all tested before they are placed on the iPhone to ensure that no problems occur when placing the home button.

Cold glued frames

We make sure that our screens won’t come loose and that they are very stiff. The factory uses a cold glue process to make sure that the frames are really stiff. We also make sure that the frames are in the right position so you can place them easily on the iPhone.

Foam connectors

All connectors have new connector foam on them. This prevents the cables and connectors from getting a short circuit during usage.

I hope this post helps you with finding the right materials for your repairs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in case you have any additional questions and/or comments.

^^ Roy